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For those of you who have been following me on this page or other social media, you may have noticed a difference in my pattern of posting. Mostly that I have stopped all together.

I have not forgotten you, I am just changing the way I am doing business and have decided to close my massage business…

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FREQUENCY ELEVATION | 432Hz| Raise your vibration - heal yourself


Greetings Lovie's,

Thank your for your wonderful support! I have seen a great increase in my subscriber count in the last month and it is giving me the courage and confidence I need to continue to create new Meditation and Transformational music for you to listen to.

As my skills improve I'm s…

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Self Healing Meditation 174 Hz - Activation Tone

Greetings Lovie's,

So glad to get out my next video! My new video software is taking some getting used to, but I'm just plugin' right along.

This whole experience has been interesting to completely change my direction because of the virus. I know everyone is getting used to the idea of wearing mas…

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First YouTube Video - Guided Meditation for Self Healing

I finally did it!! I got up the courage to create my first guided meditation video.

I look forward to bringing more of this type of content to you on a regular basis.

This meditation will help you go find your inner light and teach you how you can heal yourself by using the universal life force …

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Closing of Aquarian Body Harmonics

Today I have been forced to make the decision to close my business of five years due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

I know some are saying I am being to paranoid, however I feel it is in best interest of my clients and my family that I close as not to be exposed to this virus that we do not know how lon…

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