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For those of you who have been following me on this page or other social media, you may have noticed a difference in my pattern of posting. Mostly that I have stopped all together.

I have not forgotten you, I am just changing the way I am doing business and have decided to close my massage business. I closed my doors March 13th 2020 due to the pandemic and have not reopened. Instead I have been putting my efforts into working with sound as my healing medium. I find it to be more beneficial way of increasing results with energy therapy.

For the last year I have been creating YouTube videos and posting them. They are gaining in popularity and now I have finally gotten the courage to do sound-bath videos. The ones I have posted have been in gaining in popularity and I also have plans in the works to do nature sound videos featuring running water and ambient sounds and settings.

I have taken the time to create several albums. I just released the first one on January 2021. I am just a little slow in releasing it to my website. Coming soon!!

I hope you will take this journey with me and I look forward to hearing your opinion of my new work.

As always, Blessings in Love and Light,

Llynnete Love


FREQUENCY ELEVATION | 432Hz| Raise your vibration - heal yourself


Greetings Lovie's,

Thank your for your wonderful support! I have seen a great increase in my subscriber count in the last month and it is giving me the courage and confidence I need to continue to create new Meditation and Transformational music for you to listen to.

As my skills improve I'm sure I will get to the point of creating faster so that I can produce at least one video per week.

This week we are working on Elevating our Frequencies. By elevating your frequency to that of 432 you will notice how things seem to just flow. You will feel more focused and positive. Trust in the universe to provide everything you need and it will come to you! Stay positive, stay focused and you will see a change for the better. Not only in your own attitude but in the attitudes of those around you. Seredipitis situations will present themselves and you will find thing in you life will create a flow and a rythym of their own.

Sit back and enjoy this recording with headphones, adjusting the volume to your personal comfort level. Get comfortable and go with the flow.

Blessings to you in Love and Light!

Self Healing Meditation 174 Hz - Activation Tone

Greetings Lovie's,

So glad to get out my next video! My new video software is taking some getting used to, but I'm just plugin' right along.

This whole experience has been interesting to completely change my direction because of the virus. I know everyone is getting used to the idea of wearing masks and not going to the store anytime they feel like it. Plus to dining out, take out only. However I believe in my heart of hearts it best for us all to wear masks and social distance until we know more about this virus and just in general to keep each other safe.

I was forced to close the doors to my 5 year massage business. I was just getting going with regular clients. This is a small town so it takes longer to convince people sometimes. It was interesting how I switched gears so quickly from full time Massage Therapist and Angelic Healer to creating meditative music and videos. I knew a little bit about recording and video, but to just take a leap of faith in this way has made the changes I am challenged with more of journey than a loss.

Yes I worked hard to finally have my massage/healing business in a stable environment. Before that I was doing mobile service which has it's own set of problems. But somehow I find doing this type of work just as rewarding. I know there are challenges ahead, but I will face them head-on and learn whatever I need to know in order to create a new life for myself and my family.

So enjoy this Self Healing Meditation with 174 Hz as an Activation Tone. This tone is great for activating your own bodies healing abilities. I look forward to hearing from you all and sharing my experiences on the road to making a new life that I feel is lead and guided by my Angels and Guardians.

The best way you can support me is by subscribing to my YouTube Channel, and while your there, like and comment on my video.

I bid you Health, Wealth and Wisdom... but most of all, I bid you... LOVE!

First YouTube Video - Guided Meditation for Self Healing

I finally did it!! I got up the courage to create my first guided meditation video.

I look forward to bringing more of this type of content to you on a regular basis.

This meditation will help you go find your inner light and teach you how you can heal yourself by using the universal life force energy that we all have access too but not everyone knows how to use in their favor.

Take this journey and let me know what you think. This is my first recorded meditation. I hope you enjoy it!

Blessing to you in Love and Light!

I bid you health, wealth, wisdom  but most of all... I bid you LOVE!!

Closing of Aquarian Body Harmonics

Today I have been forced to make the decision to close my business of five years due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

I know some are saying I am being to paranoid, however I feel it is in best interest of my clients and my family that I close as not to be exposed to this virus that we do not know how long will be with us or how serious this will become world wide.

I ask for your understanding in this decision and I look forward to serving you again in the future in some capacity.

Please stay safe and abide bye the CDC guidelines of washing your hands and wearing a mask. This is what got us through the 1918 Flu Pandemic and I believe it will be our saving grace in months and possibly years to come.

Blessing to you my Lovie's, in Love and Light!



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