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Llynnette Love - Aquarian Harmonics

Raise your Frequency, Heal your Life!

Welcome to this space and time


I am Llynnette Love of Aquarian Harmonics - (formerly Aquarian Body Harmonics)

In this virtual space I offer Meditations, Teachings, and Frequency Elevating Music. Welcome to my page.

I draw on 30 odd years of experience with massage therapy, meditation and various healing modalities to create recorded music for meditation, healing, and relaxation.

Some music is created from electronic sources like music software, Electronic Keyboard, Q-Cord to name a few. Some recordings created with various instruments such as Crystal Singing Bowls, Crystal Harp, Wind Chimes, Native Flute, Native Drum, Wave Drum, Didgeridoo and Voice. The recordings are also combinations of these various instruments along with Nature Sounds.

Most of these recordings are embedded with various frequencies playing low in the background to shift the listeners frequency to something helpful to the body depending upon the desired result.

Recordings pared with videos can be showcased on YouTube by visiting the channel. They can also be purchased from this website or

The purpose of these recordings is to help the listener to raise their energetic vibration to bring about positive change in the body, the life and expanding out into the world and universe. We ARE ONE!


I am working hard to recreate my business and my life after having to close my massage practice last year due to the virus.  As I have more content it will be added here and in my blog.


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