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Water Health: Drinking Distilled Water - 2 of 4

Clean Water

We think healthy, eat right, take the time and spend the money to buy the very best food we can for or our bodies. This is the plan for most of us who want to keep ourselves healthy. But what about our water? Do we take the same care in selecting the very best water? Water is a key to life, without it we cease to exist physically.

Just as we have a physical body and an energetic body, so does water. When water is pushed through pipes at high pressure, water becomes energetically and structurally damaged, This has been studied and documented in Dr. Emotos book "The Hiden Secrets of Water". When the water has been structurally damaged, it can be healed and restructured. One way of repairing the damage is by allowing water to take its natural course of evaporation and precipitation.

Unfortunately, most of us do not have a facility to capture rainwater, but we can use the next best thing, Distillation. Distillation emulates the same natural occurrence of evaporation and precipitation artificially. This process removes about 99.9% of toxins and impurities.

This is the second installment of a five-part article on Water Health and the importance of how we treat our drinking water. This series also talks about how to heal the water and treat it with respect like the sacred being that it is. 

Distilled Water

The next step in cleansing your water, now that it has been filtered, it needs to be distilled.

  • Modern distillation is basically an artificial process of emulating the natural process of evaporation and percipitation, by heating the water to boiling and them collecting the cooled steam which results in extremely cellularly clean water.
  • Distillation removes heavy metals, excess minerals, and toxins that filtering may have missed.
    • It is possible to skip the filtration step. However, not filtering will increase the chances of solid particulates left behind in the distiller.
  • Drinking distilled water helps the body absorb nutrients and vitamins easier which aids in complete cell saturation and in turn the release of toxins. from the cells.
  • Distillation can be done at home with an electric distiller. There are many models to choose from.

Absolutely the Purest Water Possible

Distilled water is free from:

  • Chemicals and Pesticides
    • Chlorine
    • glyphosate
  • All Heavy Metals including
    • Mercury
    • Lead
    • Chromium
  • Minerals In addition to being free from chlorine, distilled water is free of a variety of other harmful chemicals. Because water is boiled during the distillation process, there is a very low risk of exposing yourself to any harmful substances.
  • Distilled water is so pure, it is what laboratories, perfumeries, and medical clinic preferred. If you want to use the cleanest water possible in your home, distilling your water will achieve that.

Health Benefits of Distilled Water

The following are some things to consider regarding the health benefits of drinking distilled water:

Chlorine Removal

  • Chlorine is a chemical that most municipal water system adds to water according to their "safety standards", on a regular basis to keep the water clean and safe for consumption
  • Chlorine does a good job of killing harmful bacteria in the water, but it can also combine with other compounds to create chemicals that have been linked to cancer and other serious health issues
  • Chlorine is hard on skin and eyes in general as those who have been in a public pool can confirm so it’s not ideal for people with sensitive skin
  • For those with sensitivities bathing or showering can be a problem

Natural Detoxification

  • Although there is a multi-million dollar industry pushing detox pill, teas, and potions, the best detox elixir you can take is simply clean pure Water.
  • Hydration is the first line of defense against any and all illness. When cells and organs are properly hydrated they work at their optimum efficiency. Just be sure the water you are using is pure.
  • Drinking plain tap water could inadvertently flood your body with unpleasant, potentially harmful compounds.

Improve Digestion

  • Distilled water removes inorganic minerals and pollutants that can hinder your body’s ability to properly absorb nutrients.
  • Eliminating these pollutants and purifying your drinking water, can ensure that your organs are functioning properly and absorbing the minerals and vitamins you need most.

Improved Overall Health

  • Chronic health issues that don’t seem to come with any kind of explanation like chronic headaches, brain fog, or eczema, could be a result of the water your currently drinking.
  • Many confusing health issues can often be environmental such as unclean water.
  • it is common for people to notice improvements to their overall health after switching to distilled water for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

Eliminate Water-Borne Diseases

  • Distilled water can also help prevent a variety of serious diseases, including bacterial and parasitic infections.
  • Drinking, bathing in, and preparing your food with regular tap water, can expose yourself and your family to a variety of water-borne illnesses.
  • Distilled water, reduces the risk of contracting water-borne diseases dramatically.

Healthier Appearance of  Skin and Hair

  • Washing your hair and skin with non-distilled water could lead to a build-up of minerals and other compounds, leaving your hair looking dull and lifeless. It can also increase your chances of having breakouts on your skin.
  • Since drinking distilled water cleanses and detoxes your body, this can affect your outward appearance. When organs are properly hydrated, clean and working properly, the whole body will result in a better appearance especially of the skin, eyes, and hair. By drinking distilled water, hair becomes shinier and skin becomes smoother, less dry and more supple. With these results, it becomes unnecessary to spend a lot of money on extra hair and skin products.
  • We can absorb up to 20% of our fluid through our skin. This means we actually absorb water during bathing, showing and of course swimming. For this reason, it is important to not only distill our drinking water but to distill our bathing water as well. This can be accomplished with a self-filling high capacity distiller.

Mineral Deficiencies

  • Some people have concerns that distilled water is “too clean.” They’re concerned that drinking distilled water will lead to mineral deficiencies since all the compounds are left behind during the distillation process.
  • Beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium are removed from distilled water in the distillation process, but it’s also true that hard tap water is not a good source of these minerals.
  • If you were to drink 8 glasses of standard water containing minerals, only 15 percent of the recommended amount of calcium and magnesium would be present.
  • All of the minerals you require are present in a healthy nutrient-rich diet.

Now we know how to get the cleanest water possible, for the best health possible.

This is the second post in a series of four called WATER HEALTH - on the importance of home water treatment and how water has memory.

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Did you learn anything interesting about WATER HEALTH?  If so, leave a comment below.

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