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CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS - 432 Hz | Chakra Tuneup | Smudge Ceremony

Greetings Lovies,

This is the first video of Crystal Singing Bowls. The bowls have been paired with one of my sound tracks to create a fuller sound. The beginning is a smudge ceremony with the intention of initiating the bowls to the Angelic vibrations. The incense I am burning is White Sage, Mayan Copal and Golden Amber. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it!

Let me know how you like it and I will make more like this.

I bid you Health, I bid you Wealth I bid you Wisdom... Most of all I bid you LOVE Dear Ones! Llynnette Love


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FREQUENCY ELEVATION | 432Hz| Raise your vibration - heal yourself

Greetings Lovie's,

Thank your for your wonderful support! I have seen a great increase in my subscriber count in the last month and it is giving me the courage and confidence I need to continue to create new Meditation and Transformational music for you to listen to.

As my skills improve I'm sure I will get to the point of creating faster so that I can produce at least one video per week.

This week we are working on Elevating our Frequencies. By elevating your frequency to that of 432 you will notice how things seem to just flow. You will feel more focused and positive. Trust in the universe to provide everything you need and it will come to you! Stay positive, stay focused and you will see a change for the better. Not only in your own attitude but in the attitudes of those around you. Seredipitis situations will present themselves and you will find thing in you life will create a flow and a rythym of their own.

Sit back and enjoy this recording with headphones, adjusting the volume to your personal comfort level. Get comfortable and go with the flow.

Blessings to you in Love and Light!

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