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Over the last few months, I have taken my time off to work on some of my skills. One of my long time interests has been meditation music and Binaural Beats. If you don't know what Binaural Beats are I will try to explain in here briefly however I'm sure I will be writing a blog article on this subject in detail very soon.

Binaural beats are a naturally occurring phenomenon created by the brain when the brain is fed two types of stimulus simultaneously to the two halves of the brain through audio. Basically one frequency is given to the left hear, let's say 432 Hz and a different frequency is given to the right hear, say 426 Hz. These two frequencies are only separated by 6 Hz. which is in the Theta Brain Wave range. When the brain hears these two frequencies, 432 Hz and 426 Hz, it makes up the difference by creating the 6 Hz. When the brain does this it seems to the hearer that a beat starts. The beat that the hearer perceives, does not exist. It is created by the brain according to the stimulus it is fed. When the brain perceives this "beat", it stimulates the Theta Brain Wave and thus the benefits that go along with those brain waves, Theta which is in the range of 4 Hz - 7 Hz, have been shown to aid in the following, *Inner Peace *REM Sleep * Deep Meditation * Overcoming Addiction *Healing to name a few.

Listening to Binaural Beats when going to sleep will help the listener move into the deeper states of sleep easier and entrains the brain to find deeper sleep on its own. Starting with just 15 minutes can be very beneficial.

Since April I have put three videos on YouTube. The first two are guided meditations to help you in learning how to heal yourself.


The most recent video is instrumental with a background 432 Hz and 426 Hz creating a binaural beat of 6.

I hope you enjoy my new work, I have finally found something to be passionate about again. I feel that this work is the future of medicine just like Nikola Tesla said. My intention is to help humanity find the next level in vibration. We are all one and the more we work on ourselves the faster we all heal.

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Thank you! Blessings of Love and Light to you!


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