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For those of you who have been following me on this page or other social media, you may have noticed a difference in my pattern of posting. Mostly that I have stopped all together.

I have not forgotten you, I am just changing the way I am doing business and have decided to close my massage business. I closed my doors March 13th 2020 due to the pandemic and have not reopened. Instead I have been putting my efforts into working with sound as my healing medium. I find it to be more beneficial way of increasing results with energy therapy.

For the last year I have been creating YouTube videos and posting them. They are gaining in popularity and now I have finally gotten the courage to do sound-bath videos. The ones I have posted have been in gaining in popularity and I also have plans in the works to do nature sound videos featuring running water and ambient sounds and settings.

I have taken the time to create several albums. I just released the first one on January 2021. I am just a little slow in releasing it to my website. Coming soon!!

I hope you will take this journey with me and I look forward to hearing your opinion of my new work.

As always, Blessings in Love and Light,

Llynnete Love


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