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Self Healing Meditation 174 Hz - Activation Tone

Greetings Lovie's,

So glad to get out my next video! My new video software is taking some getting used to, but I'm just plugin' right along.

This whole experience has been interesting to completely change my direction because of the virus. I know everyone is getting used to the idea of wearing masks and not going to the store anytime they feel like it. Plus to dining out, take out only. However I believe in my heart of hearts it best for us all to wear masks and social distance until we know more about this virus and just in general to keep each other safe.

I was forced to close the doors to my 5 year massage business. I was just getting going with regular clients. This is a small town so it takes longer to convince people sometimes. It was interesting how I switched gears so quickly from full time Massage Therapist and Angelic Healer to creating meditative music and videos. I knew a little bit about recording and video, but to just take a leap of faith in this way has made the changes I am challenged with more of journey than a loss.

Yes I worked hard to finally have my massage/healing business in a stable environment. Before that I was doing mobile service which has it's own set of problems. But somehow I find doing this type of work just as rewarding. I know there are challenges ahead, but I will face them head-on and learn whatever I need to know in order to create a new life for myself and my family.

So enjoy this Self Healing Meditation with 174 Hz as an Activation Tone. This tone is great for activating your own bodies healing abilities. I look forward to hearing from you all and sharing my experiences on the road to making a new life that I feel is lead and guided by my Angels and Guardians.

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I bid you Health, Wealth and Wisdom... but most of all, I bid you... LOVE!

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