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Health Benefits of Saltwater Bathing

Salt Water Bathing

Spas are one way of receiving heat therapy that's very effective! People love the hot tub!

Even ancient civilizations used natural hot spring as both healing and ritual baths. To feel the warmth of the water enveloping your body in a big warm hug warms you to your soul.

Modernly we have spas that emulate the sterile version of the hot spring experience, However, for some people with skin sensitivity, this can be an unpleasant experience, sometimes causing adverse reactions to chemicals in the average pool or spa.

Standard chlorine and/or bromine require several other chemicals to stabilize them and then there are anti-foaming agents and the list goes on. All of these chemicals are added just to prolong the life of the bathing water. Filtration systems are top of the line now even in the lower end units and this helps with removing solid wastes and proteins in the water.

The chemical issue is becoming a real problem Not only in the aspect of bathing is a soup of chemicals not appealing, but also the environmental impact of where does that water go?

We have looked and addressed all of these issues ourselves, and have been concerned about first and foremost the health of bathers, but also the health of the land that we are entrusted to care for and live on. As you may or may not know, Aquarian Body Harmonics is located in a private residence and the beginnings of a working farm. So it is important for us to know where the water is going and how it will affect the ground and the resident foliage.

Recently we converted our standard spa into a SALTWATER spa! We had already made the change to saltwater in the tub, but we were still having to add bromine and sometimes shock tables. We were not happy with the results. The only way the water could remain clean is to do frequent water changes. Living in Northern California in the fifth year of a drought, that made no sense to us either.

After doing some research and finding a unit that was not too costly and would actually save money in the long run plus allow us to use the spa as a saltwater spa without getting a new tub or doing a costly conversion.

It is called a chlorine generator. It takes the salt in the water and splits the salt molecules into sodium and chlorine (chloride) which sanitizes the water, then it re-attaches the molecules back to sodium chloride (salt). When we found this product we knew we had to move in that direction! It only takes about 2 cups of salt per 100 gallons for the unit to work. However, we use a little more than that in our tub, since we are using it for more reasons than just keeping the tub clean. The type of salt we put in the tub is NOT ordinary pool salt. We use only Himalayan Pink Salt. The only other thing we add to our tub water is Epsom Salts or Magnesium Sulfate. If you have ever taken an Epsom salt bath after a sprain or a work out you will know why.

If you would like to know more about the saltwater conversion unit we are using, here is the link =>> Salt Water Tubs

The feeling of saltwater on the skin is luxurious. It works on many levels in the body. Usually, the most noticeable effect is that on the skin, immediately making it feel soft, smooth and silky. One reason for this is, the microcrystals of salt in the water increase the friction of the water on the skin creating an exfoliating effect. Often salt bathing is used to treat some health discomforts. For thousands of years people have known the benefits of bathing in seawater, and modern man is no different. For those who have soaking tubs at home, a salt soak can be an uplifting experience.

We call our saltwater tubs, "Mineral Infused" because we don't just add pool salt to our tubs, we add Pink Himalayan salt and Epsom salt.

Health Benefits of Natural Salt and Epsom Salt Baths Are:

 Detoxification -  According to the book Water and Salt, The Essence of Life - A 15 minute (Himalayan) salt bath, has the detoxification equivalent of a 3 day fast.

Lymphatic Stimulation - Stimulates the lymphatic system which aids in flushing out toxins

Skin - Relaxes and rejuvenating the skin. Can aid in soothing and healing skin irritations such as psoriasis and seborrhea

Muscles - Relaxes and soothes tired and overworked muscles

Electromagnetic Balancing - A bath in saltwater can balance the body’s electromagnetic system

Inflammation - Saltwater aids in reducing inflammation in the body by soothing and flushing the system.

Re-mineralization of the Body - Our skin is an organ that has the ability to not only secrete fluid, such as oil and sweat, it can also absorb. During the salt bath, the body can absorb most of its trace minerals by absorbing them through mineral-laden water. This will occur provided the bathwater contains sufficient amounts of mineral-laden salt such as Himalayan pink salt.

Improved sleep - Taking a warm to hot salt bath before bed can aid in relaxation and therefore improve sleep.

Enhanced feeling of well being - Mineral laden salt baths can increase your mood. Since salt neutralizes dark or negative energy, soaking in salt water will also neutralize any negative or dark energy that you may be carrying around, elevating your frequency, in turn, elevating your mood.

Converting your spa is a great way to taking regular salt baths without all the harsh chemicals, but don't underestimate the use of salt in your regular bathtub. Immersion in warm water has therapeutic effects all alone, but when salt is added to water it acts as a catalyst to the therapeutic effects and can have a very penetrating effect, speeding recovery time from injuries.

Adding a 1/4 cup of Himalayan Pink Salt or Epsom Salt can make all the difference. So next time you have a minor injury or sprain try taking a salt bath.

If you would like to read more articles similar to this one More information will be written on this site regarding the health benefits of salt, water, and the effect of frequency vibration has on water.

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