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Health Benefits of Heat Therapy and How to Apply It

Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy awakens the physical bodies ability to heal its self.

Heat therapy also known as Thermotherapy has been used for centuries! It is achieved by applying heat to the body using various methods. Ancient and Indigenous people have used heat to ease muscle tension, pain, and swelling probably from the beginning of healing modalities.

When humans were still mostly aboriginal, many tribes, worldwide, would migrate like the birds and animals in order to remain in a sort of perpetual summer. Essentially following the heat.

Shamans, Healers, and even modern Doctors continue to use heat to ease pain and inflammation, comfort the body, and to ease muscle pain, stiffness, and tension.

Although the heat in excess can cause problems for the body, heat in a controlled application can be very beneficial.

Benefits of heat therapy:

  • Expands capillaries which increases blood flow to the affected area to speed up healing.
  • As heat penetrates the soft tissue, it has a soothing, relaxing effect on the area.
  • Aids in relaxation of overworked muscles, allowing the body to work on and heal its self.
  • Decreases healing time in sprains and breaks.

How to apply heat:

Heat may be applied to the body in several ways.


  • Heating Pad - Usually electric, the temperature can be set and applied directly to the affected area. (Not to exceed 25 minutes at a time)

  • Hot Water Bottle - A rubber bottle filled with water and wrapped in a towel. Apply to the affected area. (Not to exceed 25 minutes at a time)

  • Hot Stone Therapy - Naturally smooth stones heated and applied to the body in a massage style application. Usually applied by a Massage Therapist.
  • Hydrotherapy - A hot bath w/t Epsom Salts will help with overall aches and pains. Not to exceed 20 minutes. Hot Tubs and Saunas work in a similar way.

How Heat Therapy Works:

When heat is applied to soft body tissue, increased blood circulation targets damaged tissues and delivers needed oxygen and nutrients, removing cell wastes. Heat is effective in decreasing muscle spasms and relaxing stressed muscles. It also relieves pain and can help to increase range of motion. Heat therapy is commonly used to treat discomforts such as stiff  neck, muscle tension, spasms, muscle strains, and sprains.

To get the most benefit, Heat should be applied within the first  48 hours after an injury, the sooner the better, especially hydrotherapy on strains. For broken bones, Ice should be applied immediately and seek traditional medical care. If extreme redness or a rash occurs with a sprain, seek the attention of a medical professional immediately

QUESTION: Have you ever used heat therapy for an injury and if yes, what is your favorite type of heat therapy?

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