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Distance Energy Healing

Humankind has always believed in healing at a distance. It is only in recent history that people have questioned its efficacy and have asked the question: Does distant healing work?

The short answer is: If you think it works it works If you don't think it works it won't. You hold the key to whether or not healing can and will take place, but there are other factors to take into consideration. Like can the healer have so much faith that it can override the belief of the client? Nobody knows completely. This might sound alarming at first because the human tendency is to demand to know before we can believe. However, the truth is that we don't know how a lot of things in the Universe work. 

Take Quantum Physics for instance. Physicists are still puzzled by many aspects of the subject. It's clear that something is happening, but it's not clear as to how and what exactly.

I have seen many people dismiss distant healing altogether, not taking into account that it actually works. I have frankly been skeptical about it at times. Wonder whether or not it would work only later to have my client tell me that they felt so much better and could actually feel tingly feelings and a whole series of effects at the same time I was doing the work.

When I first started using frequency for healing I was extremely skeptical, until I used it on myself. It wasn’t long before I found that it too works over distance. I think it's normal and a little healthy to be skeptical at first when confronted with a new idea. As humans, we have a need to create a model of understanding in order to make sense of our current view of the world. When the mind is confronted with a new concept or world view and does not have a frame of reference, it often prematurely dismisses the idea at once.

There have been many studies done on distance healing and the questions of IF it works have been answered. Although studies have proven that distance healing works, the average person still dismisses it as not viable because it has not reached the greater consciousness yet. However, it is becoming more and more mainstream. I talk to nurses and health care professionals all the time. They tell me how this type of work is moving more and more into hospitals especially with babies, geriatric and coma patients.

Even though science is still figuring out how it works, it is acknowledged that it does work. One element that is overlooked the most in distance healing is the part that consciousness plays in the healing process. The problem is that we don't really understand what consciousness itself is, and that is why we have no idea how to explain the nature of distant healing.

It was believed that consciousness is local and confined to only space and time that the body is confined to. But it is becoming clear that consciousness knows no space and time. The illusion that our physical body “holds” our consciousness has been the very thing that has held us back as a species. 

When we understand that our consciousness, our true self, knows no time and space yet time and space are bound together by the laws of physics, we are free to explore the expanse of space and time through our conscious guided thought. Our consciousness goes beyond the boundaries of this physical body and so can travel at the speed of thought which I am guessing is around the speed of light. Consciousness is not locked inside your brain or inside your body. Actually your body is inside your consciousness. This is why meditation is so freeing because it gives you a chance to explore all of those places, without even leaving your home. 

What is Distance Healing?

Have you ever gotten a call or text from someone to find out that someone you care about is ill or injured, possibly in the hospital? At that moment what did you do? Did you pray? Maybe it wasn't what you might call a formal prayer, but if you wished that person well (to be well) in a moment of need, then you just experienced Distance Healing.

If you were not raised religious or with a spiritual background, this may seem like a strange concept, to just "think" someone to recover and they do. However, I am here to tell you that miracle healing can  take place whether someone is in the room or not. I have been on both sides of healing and if it wasn't for other people praying and having faith for me, I would not be here to write this page. I have had miraculous healing happen to me from other people both in person and at a distance, and I have also healed myself from some un-diagnosed ailments. There were also times when I received medical treatment and was not expected to live, and once again through the power of prayer, I made it through nine days in the hospital without dying. This time most of but not all of the praying or energy work was done by myself. I would get into detail but I don't wish to bore you with my personal issues of the past.

We all were born with the ability to heal ourselves. Not all of us know this or have been taught this therefore they just don't. For those who have learned how energy works and have studied the correlation between the physical and spiritual bodies, this ability gets stronger the more it is used.

There are many modalities of Distance Healing. Reiki, Chi Gong, Energy Medicine, Quantum Touch, Pranic Healing and the list goes on and on. Any of these methods work very well unto their own and also work very well and can complement each other in the hands of an experienced energy worker. However, even if none of these methods are known by the person doing the healing work, they can still find that they can make a difference in the person they are sending healing energy to. The key is the intention!

This is where natural healing comes in. Some people just are born with the innate ability to pick up on subtle energies of the body and their environment. These people are usually empaths. Keep in mind that one does not have to be an empath in order to do healing work. The more the energy is worked with the stronger it gets and the more focused it gets.

How does it work?

Basically the “healer” becomes a conduit for Universal Life Force Energy and channels the energy as needed in order to create change in the person being healed. The healer does not use their own energy so if done properly the healer should feel rejuvenated at the end of a session instead of depleted. 

Most healers work with the chakra system of the body and are able to balance these energy centers in order to allow the body to kick in and heal itself. 

Energy healers sometimes use various tools such as crystals, gemstones, tuning forks, singing bowls, dowsing, etc in order to better measure imbalances in the body systems but also to help clear the stagnant stuck energies and get them flowing again in the manner in which the healthy body was intended. Using various techniques the healer can bring about changes that can usually be noticed right away.

Besides being a conduit and channel for the energy, the healer's best and most effective tool is intention. The channeled energy can simply be directed with the intention of thought and speech. Some healers will speak what is to be done or speak in tongues which is also a manifestation of the connection with the collective energy of the universe.

We are at a time when the models that we have used to make sense for our world are no longer sufficient. This does not mean that we must completely throw them out. However, there must be room to let in the new. The fact is that remote healing has been shown to work. Now comes the fun part of understanding how and using its benefits to help humanity.

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