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Distance Energy Healing

Humankind has always believed in healing at a distance. It is only in recent history that people have questioned its efficacy and have asked the question: Does distant healing work?

The short answer is: If you think it works it works If you don't think it works it won't. You hold the key to wheth…

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Distance healing available during social distancing phase of Cov-19 pandemic

Greetings beautiful people!

I am putting out this official announcement for my regular clients and any new clients that are thinking about scheduling an appointment with me.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic situation and in compliance with the local request for voluntary social distancing, as …

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Sound Therapy

What is Sound Therapy?

Sound Therapy is relatively new to the western world and has been linked to several ancient cultures including the Egyptians, Africans, Aborigines, Myans and Celts to name a few. Since we have lost a lot of the ancient knowledge of how Sound was used as therapy in the past, w…

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Sacred Hot Stone

Sacred Hot Stone Therapy

Sacred hot stone therapy, is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones, either as an extension of their own hands or by placing them on the body while the therapist works on other parts of the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help wa…

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Water Health: Drinking Structured Water - 4 of 4

Water Has Memory

In natural filtration, the water filters through layers of rock, coarse gravel, fine gravel, sand, and clay.

The water leaves the particulates behind and absorbs smalls amounts of trace minerals and maybe even more important earth energy. Causing the water to become sligh…

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Water Health: Drinking (Frozen) Melt Water - 3 of 4

Purify Water by Freezing

When water is frozen for the purpose of purifying and removing particulates, it should be frozen slowly. This ensures that as the water becomes ice crystals, the ice crystals expel the particulates and contaminants. 

Using filtered and distilled water means we will no…

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Water Health: Drinking Distilled Water - 2 of 4

Clean Water

We think healthy, eat right, take the time and spend the money to buy the very best food we can for or our bodies. This is the plan for most of us who want to keep ourselves healthy. But what about our water? Do we take the same care in selecting the very best water? Water is a key to…

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Water Health - Drinking Filtered Water - 1 of 4

Water is Sacred

We live on a ball of water. There is nothing on this planet that has not been influenced by water. Our planet is about 75% water. interestingly enough, we also are about 75% water. Nothing on this planet can live without the water. 

 In modern western society, we see water as …

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Health Benefits of Heat Therapy and How to Apply It

Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy awakens the physical body's ability to heal its self.

Heat therapy also known as Thermotherapy has been used for centuries! It is achieved by applying heat to the body using various methods. Ancient and Indigenous people have used heat to ease muscle tension, pain, and sw…

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Health Benefits of a Saltwater Bathing

Salt Water Bathing

Spas are one way of receiving heat therapy that's very effective! People love the hot tub!

Even ancient civilizations used natural hot spring as both healing and ritual baths. To feel the warmth of the water enveloping your body in a big warm hug warms you to your soul.


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